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Content Catalog

Here’s what you’ll get in each content pack level.

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Articles Silver Gold Platinum
Topics 180+ 180+ 180+
Infographics Silver Gold Platinum
Business plan blueprint
Deciding on a business model
How to improve your profit engines
I want to start a business
Top strategies for growing your business
Understanding cash cycles
Avoiding payment fraud
Choosing a balanced pricing strategy
Forecasting cash flow
How to protect your intellectual property
How to value your business
Increasing your chance of success
Keep an eye on possible employee fraud
Lowering risk for your business
The risks and benefits of importing

Templates Silver Gold Platinum
Business plan
Burn rate template
Charge out rate calculator
Employee costs
Marketing on a shoestring
Monthly cash flow forecast
Marketing plan
Product Pricing Template
SBA Cash flow forecast
Cash flow improvement
Profit increase calculation
The impact of discounting
Start up costs
Step by Step Silver Gold Platinum
Business success
Health checks Silver Gold Platinum
Checklists Silver Gold Platinum
Selling your business
Trade business
Videos Silver Gold Platinum
Building a profit plan
Competitor analysis
Create your own business plan
How to forecast cash flow
How to set a price
Is there a market?
Raising capital
Reducing the risk of starting
Should you go into business?
Online business planners Silver Gold Platinum
Starting-up business planner
Marketing planner
Resilience planner
Calculators Silver Gold Platinum
Choose from the titles below 1 3 6
Business loan estimate
Business value estimate
Cash burn estimate
Five way to increase profit
Gross profit break-even
Impact of discounting
One page plans Silver Gold Platinum
6 Step Marketing Blueprint
Business feasibility
Competitive advantage
Digital marketing
Financial performance
Lean business plan
Letting go
Marketing strategy
New markets
Social media bites Silver Gold Platinum
Avoid running out of money
Driving online traffic to your website
Refreshing your website
Selling more to existing customers
Digital marketing
Start up tool kit
Improve your profit margin
Managing a cash crisis
Numbers you need to measure for success
Online tools to make life easier
Tips for collecting your money faster
Understanding key financial documents

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